Future(S) of Business and the Art of Making Money - KJELL A. NORDSTRÖM

Sometimes the 1920's has been referred to as the roaring 20's. A hundred years later we can indeed say that the 2020's are indeed roaring too. Even more than that. Bombs, carbondioxid and a global pandemic sets the scene for somewhat of a new world order. The 2020´s will in future history books most probably go down as the beginning of a new era. Most certainly in geopolitical terms. But also a paradigm shift for business in any part of the world.

In this lecture will summarize the megatrends shaping our time  and develop some hypotheses on the implication for domestic and international business.

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Kjell A. Nordström
“Funky Business – Talent MakesCapital Dance” author, PhD


delivered on 24 January 2023